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Auction Finance

Cheap auction finance USA loans. Deal direct with principle lenders that have access to the funds immediately with no banks involved. If you are actually at an auction right now, or are planning to visit one in the very near future, knowing that the decision given to you straight away is the decision that will be stood by. Non status auction finance also available through certain lenders. As long as you have enough security in the form of equity in the house you use as security, then you could actually borrow up to 100% of the value of the home. We can seriously help you find the right auction in the form of USA loans until you secondary financing comes through, be it a mortgage or remortgage.

Here are a few of the advantages using one of our preferred lenders. Loans based on value, not purchase price. Interest is deducted, so no affordability checks. High value: our associates have deep pockets, and specialise in USA loans and auction finance over £1million. Loans are Non Status and quick and easy to set up. Flexibility too, we lend against all types of property & land. Plus it is UK nationwide and not restricted to just one area on the country. AND when one of our recommended lenders say yes, they mean yes. So get your quotes today for auction finance in the form of cheap USA loans.

Cheap USA loans
It also doesn’t matter which auction you are visiting, it can be anywhere in the UK. If there is a house or property that really takes your fancy, simply email us and we will call you straight back for a few details from you and give you a decision immediately.

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