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Logbook Loans

We don’t actually do logbook loans ourselves. We work with several actual lenders that do. If they have a client that would be more suited to one of our cheap bridging loans, they send them to us, and we forward all logbook loan enquiries on to them.

Firstly, to qualify, your vehicle needs to be ten years or younger. You HAVE to be named on the official documentation. The car has to be taxed, MOT’d and insured. You need to be over 18.

If all of the above describes you and your motor, then you are able to apply online.

HOWEVER, please be aware that in some cases, the APR is really high, anywhere between 180 and 250%. The reason for this is that finance secured against a vehicle is designed for the short term only.

For instance, if you manage to borrow a thousand pound and repay it within 30 days, you typically would probably pay between eighty and one hundred and ten pounds as an interest charge. Sounds a bit high, but when compared to payday loans, which can be in excess of three hundred pounds per month, it is a better alternative to low value short term borrowing needs.

Logbook lenders

Feel free to visit and apply to all three. You are under no obligation to take any of them up on any offer they make you on your motor, however, you may be quite surprised just how quick and easy it is to secured short term funding against your car, van or motorcycle.

Today’s Acceptance

All lenders currently online and acceping applications.