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Real story: Chris and Joe

c&j2Let me take a moment to tell you our story. When my husband, Joe, and I began talking about buying our first home, we were worried that there was no way we would ever be able to get a loan. When I was in college, our finances got rocky, which directly affected our credit. Both of us have great jobs now and we knew that we had the income to buy, but also knew that our credit was an obstacle. We were referred to Ken Stone by some of my co-workers (who were also very satisfied clients of Ken’s) and when we met with him, he noted our concern about the credit and he explained that there were many loan options open to people in our situation.

c&j6Chris and Joe in their new homeOnce he explained all of the options in extreme detail and we chose the mortgage that would be right for us, we began gathering documents for the loan process. Not only was this much less painful than anticipated, but actually a smooth and hassle-free experience thanks to Ken’s knowledge and expertise in the mortgage industry. He went above and beyond our expectations in keeping the stress level at a minimum and providing us with an update every step of the way. Not only did he help in keeping us optimistic throughout the loan process, we ended up with a higher loan amount, lower monthly payments and less cash to close than originally discussed. The results are amazing and, with much gratitude to Ken, we are now extremely happy first time homeowners!

c&j9Chris and Joe in their new homeIf you are in the market for a mortgage loan or refinance, Ken is an excellent way to get the job done. Not only does he get the job done quickly, he spends as much time as necessary to explain each and every loan option, going over every detail and making sure that all costs are explained thoroughly. When you walk out of his office, you feel very well informed and the process of buying a home becomes much less overwhelming and stressful. He is extremely result-oriented and is genuinely caring about each and every customer that walks through his door, making his customer service incomparable. Joe and I both recommend him highly and hope that you will take the time to meet with Ken and come away with an experience like we did. There is no question in our minds that he will take the time to see if he can take care of your needs and we know that you will be happy with the results!

Sincerely, Joe and Chris Domanik

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